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Egg Teeth

Many animals that start life inside of an egg make use of an ingenious bit of creature design to break free of their first home. It's the egg tooth, and it looks more like a tiny horn than a tooth, as it develops on the tip of the beak or snout of the animal. They use this sharp instrument to scratch, tear and crack their way out of their shell. The tooth is shed soon thereafter.

Future Remains, my debut novel, has been slicing away at its eggshell for months now. A pearly little egg tooth has poked through, and its almost time for the final push. Yes, my baby is hatching. (Now, how's THAT for a metaphor!?)

It's been almost a year since I first outlined the book. It's been written, revised, rewritten and revised again. It's been read by a handful of people, who provided invaluable feedback that resulted in the final draft. Then came the publication process, which has kept me busy for several weeks on end. Having reviewed the proofs - both digital and physical - I have to say that the results were worth the effort. It's looking beautiful, and I cannot wait to share it with you.

Many have asked about the release date. I'm so sorry, but I'm not quite ready to announce that today. The good news is that I am definitely on track for my previous estimate: early October. I have my eye on the 10th, but that is subject to change. I'm still finalizing the Kindle edition, and formatting for e-readers is not as straightforward as I had hoped. In any case, the moment the date is chosen, you will know. I'm in talks with Elon Musk to have the announcement burned on the surface of the moon via chemical laser etching. Barring that, I'll spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and this very blog.

One more thing. As it turns out, my little egg is probably not going to be an only-child. I already feel another one on the way (this metaphor is getting away from me now). I've begun outlining my next novel. It's a departure, in that it doesn't feature dinosaurs, robots or time machines. But don't worry! It's going to be just as fun and exciting as the adventure had by Tess and her companions, whom you will be meeting shortly in Future Remains, coming soon to an Amazon.com near you.


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