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Truth is stranger...

May 4, 2018

While outlining my next novel, I became increasingly concerned that the subject matter was too far fetched, even for me. My previous book relied on time travel and advanced artificial intelligence, so when I say far fetched, believe me, there's some weird stuff brewing in my poor noggin. Unfortunately, these concerns started taking the wind out of my sails, to the point that I put the entire project on the back burner. I'll come back to it, but the ideas need to simmer for a bit, and I'm okay with that. I'm keeping very busy with some exciting side projects, and just because that particular book is on pause does not mean I've stopped writing. I actually can't stop writing. It's a concern.


But here's the thing...


While I do feel like my next book might be a bit too fantastic in its premise, recent headlines have done much to quiet my fears. As it turns out, there are far stranger things going on in the labs at Yale, even as we speak. Science continues to smash the boundaries between science and science fiction, to the point that nothing is outside the realm of possibility. Here are two examples of news items that caught my eye and helped me embrace Mark Twain's familiar adage; truth is stranger than fiction.


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