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THE ART OF ROBERT JACK | Volume One | Times and Seasons


Travel to the Corpach Shipwreck in Scotland to see an adult Suchomimus resting on the bow, watching the morning sun burn layers of mist from the shores of Loch Eil. Venture next to the snow-capped peaks of New Zealand's southernmost island as olive-colored Kea Parrots flap their wings to reveal blazing stripes of red and orange. Then, take a journey through time and space to gain a top-down view of the mighty Ankylosaurus as it wades through a stagnant marsh in Late Cretaceous North America. All this and more can be done within the pages of this collection.

Using a wide variety of tools and mediums to capture an even wider range of subjects, Robert Jack here presents over 150 illustrations in Times and Seasons.

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ISBN 9798366673310

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A small team of paleontologists has just laid eyes upon an impossible discovery. Now, at the behest of a mysterious stranger and his robotic companion, the team is being drawn into a desperate quest: to rescue a child trapped in the most dangerous environment the earth has ever seen.

For former paleontologist Tess Creegan, the stakes couldn't be higher. Finding the boy will mean more than seeing a world ruled by dinosaurs – it could also be her chance to set right one of the greatest wrongs a mother could ever know.

Read the thrilling new novel from author Robert Jack, available now on

Available for Kindle and in paperback

ISBN 978-1976414411

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Nebraska, 1975 – In a moment of weakness, Marlene Tremont has just answered the telephone. If the caller’s demands are not met, her son will be tortured and killed. But there is a problem…


Marlene doesn’t have a son.


Now, with a life suddenly thrust into her hands, a sheltered young woman must set out on a journey that will bring her face-to-face with a genuine monster. But can she confront true evil without becoming a monster herself?

Available for Kindle and in paperback.

ISBN 978-1722840341

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